• Katherine

    1 July 2020 at 4:48 am

    Well said Ian. Our school also collects MAP data, but what I found when teaching in the MYP was that the results were just emailed for the teachers to review, but there wasn’t sufficient coaching about how to interpret and use the data in a responsive way. Thinking about the sustainability piece of all this, I think it’s essential that school administrations and the curriculum teams specifically address how to read and utilize the data in addition to the collection of it.

    I like how you have articulated your points about some of the negative impacts that data (grades and standardized test results) can have on learners and thus why we must look at better ways to demonstrate student learning and achievement. The use of a service-learning portfolio might be a way that we as individual educators might push our schools/administration to consider new ways to document and demonstrate learning for the future. Lofty but worthwhile goals for sure!