• Ian

    29 June 2020 at 8:56 am

    How we use data to measure in other areas: We use MAP testing in reading, language use, numeracy, and science to measure student growth over time against the bell curve, and to analyze our own areas for improvement as a school. A responsive teacher is effective when he/she uses the data to support students in their improvement against a skill or standard. Otherwise, we primarily use data for grades and graduation.

    Latin root word “grad” meaning “step”… Traditional, numerical, grades still motivate Chinese students and parents, but if a student has enough poor grades it’s a quick way to anxiety, stress, and beatings for many. Collecting this data for graduation through a standards-based, service learning portfolio device would be far more beneficial. Being able to present yourself to universities or employers with a portfolio to market yourself that demonstrates your dispositions, skills, and passions would be a more engaging and rewarding educational model, support young people’s mental health, and provide more authentic and passionate youth into our society.