• Laurence

    27 June 2020 at 4:47 am


    The world needs visionaries and people who will push the envelope as much as they need mainstream. There is room for everyone at the table. It’s too bad about VERSO because I have looked at their website and been very intrigued with their work. Having said that I think (not that I’m the expert in any way) what you’re seeing here is a person (you) who is the beginning of the change you want to see in the world (sound familiar?). For change to happen you typically need have a few things in place. You need to focus on celebration and invitation and celebrate the living daylights of the work you do (with the compass and/or otherwise) and invite others to the table. I’m of the opinion that though you won’t win everyone over life is too short wasting your energy on those who will not support you (yet?). Instead, focus your energies on those who will. Invite people to a chat? Create an ad-hoc committee? Run a workshop? Showcase your process with your team? My personal style is that ‘water’ approach is the best. Rocks and things will get in the way but unstead of trying to climb them find another way around. Of course there are limits to what I’m saying, and it’s important that you recognize and are able to work within those limits, but there is typically more openness that you think, though not as much as you’d like. That “too much” and “not enough” is what sustainability is all about. You’re living it!