• Laurence

    27 June 2020 at 4:10 am


    Thanks for pushing my own mind in terms of your thoughts on technology and the type of thinking that it promotes. A very good point. I have two young(er) daughters who are just now getting into the world of computers and “googling” and it has been an interesting journey making sure that they can determine what an good source might be versus just a nicely presented biases one. As for the social-emotional learning there is a study that we used at ASD to frame our thinking in terms of more strategic planning (I’ll try to find it) that was created by one of these future think tanks. It talked about things like artificial intelligence and human-computer relationships and all this furturistic stuff. It also essentially said that jobs requiring manual labor and recurring skills will effectively become obsolete soon. It noted that the focus of education will have to be on social emotiona. skills, emotional intelligence, cricital thinking and analysis, all that kind of stuff. It really does make one wonder how much of an overhaul we need to make in terms of pure content of what we teach.