• Rebecca

    27 June 2020 at 1:48 am

    I literally just joined a new school two days ago. It is a new international primary school catering to Thai students of a lower-economic bracket typical of the larger international schools. I accepted this job mostly because of the man who is the acting Director. He comes from a prestigious Bangkok international school where he served as Head for over 14 years. He left that position for the same reasons I keep changing schools. His values align with mine. I could sense in our conversations that he is passionate about making learning relevant while focusing on the skill sets and applying content rather than just regurgitating it. With it being a new school, we can set the tone from Day 1, while making sure we educate the parents with realistic expectations (i.e. plant the seed – you’ll see magic in due time—not this week on the paper-pencil test).

    The school’s mission/vision statement is too embarrassing to write here. However, there is a Community Learning curriculum piece (very raw – but I get to work on it!). the school aims to put “Thainess” at its center – as it should be – we’re in Thailand after all. The categories that exist in it now are:

    Global Awareness

    Civic Literacy

    Social and Cross Cultural Skills

    Communication and Collaboration


    City and Nature Explore

    Self Service

    Here’s where I suppose it gets tricky for me though – as my technical title is “Head of Science”. I have Science blocks on my schedule. But I’m putting my trust in my new Head, when he says I have the freedom to implement my ideas. As usual, time will only tell!