• Ian

    26 June 2020 at 10:08 am

    Came across an article shared by ecologist and journalist, George Monbiot this afternoon, that is a nice update of Orr’s message for our current climate.


    Here are my thoughts from my workbook entry:

    During the time of a global pandemic, many people want the world to get “back to normal”. However, as David Orr discusses, normal is the problem. This time period is phenomenal. We’re seeing people’s voices being used and democrats being voted for, there is a shift toward anti-racism and anti-colonialism within curricula, and ESG investments and Green New Deals are being made.

    COVID-19 is serving as a huge alarm bell (and hopefully a catalyst/accelerator), because if changes aren’t made quickly, then our planet and its communities will ultimately face climate catastrophe.

    Education is at the center as we prepare citizens and leaders for our future world. Without the necessary changes in education, the next generation won’t be able to build a sustainable future (much like we are struggling). Students need to learn how to become problem solvers, how to connect and transfer understanding between traditional subjects, and how to communicate for change. Before all this can occur, a person needs to be well, in all senses of the word. SDGs 3 & 4 are at the heart of individuals as they grow. If our generation can provide solid foundations for the next generation through these 2 SDGs, then we will be far more likely to succeed on the path to 2030 and beyond.

    We cannot go back to normal. Quality education must be delivered to ensure that.

    Here is an infographic displaying the positive impact SDG4 Quality Education can have on the other SDGs:

    Infographic SDG4’s Positive Impact