• Jeremiah

    25 June 2020 at 1:24 pm

    I might also have missed something and the internet connection is just killing me. I am attempting as best as possible to keep up with the sessions and chat but I will try to my inference skills as well.

    We started online learning since February. We explored quite a few platforms such as Zoom, XY Link (a Chinese tool), Moodle and BlueButton. There was even an option hosted by ManageBac that works in a similar way to Facebook. However, the biggest hurdle we faced was training the teachers, students and parents. And like what I am facing now, internet connectivity was also a problem. Hence, we settled on ManageBac as it was something everyone was familiar with and had little issues related to connectivity. Quizlet was something that we have previously used so we were able to tap into that again during this online learning period.

    As we were hit by this really quickly, it became more of a reactive approach adopted by my school. Upon reflection, these tools/strategies weren’t very interactive and we have to add in more of a human element into online learning as well as make preparations should we have to go do online learning again.