• Tara

    25 June 2020 at 10:18 am

    Hi everyone,

    Clearly this question also relates to facilitators 😉 Sincere apologies for the technical difficulties during module 1 today! Even with a practice run, the challenges of online learning can be frustrating, and entertaining!

    You will all be happy to know I edited ALL 10 of the future zoom meeting settings so you can join well ahead of me- the waiting room has been removed (just know I will start the meeting on-time and enter before usually 5-10 mins before).

    The recording will be uploaded to the module, if you want to go back and watch- feel free. It will be located in the place of the countdown.

    Do you want me to send the link to tomorrow’s meetings or are you happy to access via the schedule? I don’t want to overload you all with mail..sometimes two locations works..

    I will not attempt to play video in the next presentation to avoid this sound cut off again. Instead the video link will be added to resources.

    You will also be happy to know my sound is back with a re-start of the computer 😉

    Humbly yours,