• Laurence

    25 June 2020 at 10:05 am


    You make a good point about the need for on-the-ground support for learning programs and strategies. I know Steve Sostak quite well (from his days back in Malaysia, prior to his moving to Beijing) and he has some great ideas, engaging process and lots of amazing energy. But without someone on the ground such energy is hard to sustain. Inspire Citizens (as with any external organization) needs internal support to allow the time to develop, fail, adjust and succeed in the process it offers. You seem to want to do that, but the conversations in that regard might need to include structure and function of your existing program which indicates a need for administrative buy in. On the other hand, no one is too small to make change, and finding a good balance of your work along with examples of how it’s supported deep learning, and public celebration might support the larger conversations to adjust the current structures to support lasting change. My two cents worth. :-).