• Ian

    25 June 2020 at 6:12 am

    Hi Tara,

    One aspect that was successful for us as an ELA team was gathering feedback through student reflections. We added this as a core component in student book clubs, and it helped us get weekly information/feedback from individual students so that we could help support individuals as best possible from a distance.

    We built our book clubs around this series of blog posts (with a few tweaks):


    Agenda/objectives > mentor text reading and activity > independent reading with notebook organizer / guiding Qs > small group discussions > independent & group reflections.

    On reflection, the units built around this cycle were quite successful and boosted engagement.

    Always room for more agency, though. As a department, we are working to build in more book clubs and independent reading workshop style units (in theory, should improve differentiation and engagement if executed well).