Student Service Leadership Institute

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Starting Date: 12 May 2021
19 May 2021
26 May 2021
2 June 2021

Over 4 consecutive weeks, at 19.30 (7.30pm) ASET zone

This online 4 week intensive course includes interactive video, live instruction, group collaboration, and individualized time to work on integrating what you have learned into your school context. Designed specifically for students aspiring to be leaders and support the implementation of service learning both inside and outside of classrooms and schools with community.

Facilitators are Tara Barton and Andrei Volcov





As a result of the learning institute students will:


  • What leadership and mentorship is
  • Who am I as a leader my strengths and areas for growth
  • Leadership skills and traits
  • Why student agency and change are important
  • Approaches to Service Learnin


  • What service learning is and is not
  • Why all schools need a sustainable service learning program
  • Why and How to effectively lead and mentor others
  • How to be an agent of change

Be Able To:

  • Reflect on one’s own skills and traits as a leader
  • Communicate and Collaborate effectively
  • Create an action plan for return to school
  • Complete the Serve Learn Challenge and Demonstrate/Communicate to community


To develop foundational knowledge about Service Learning Leadership and mentorship and how to apply this within classrooms, schools, and with community. Opportunities to engage in collaboration on; Serve Learn Challenge, approaches/models, tools, partnerships, impacts, resources to apply in schools. Participants will gain a greater awareness of their own service learning contexts, their skills and traits, Understanding the IBDP CAS through the 5 stages will be explored.

Enduring Understandings:

  • Service learning leadership and mentorship provides meaningful opportunities to expand knowledge, apply concepts, develop skills and dispositions, and gain insight and understanding of community for agency, efficacy, and impact.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understanding what service learning is, and why all schools need a service learning program based on research.
  2. Knowledge of how to lead and mentor others for agency and efficacy.
  3. Know why community partnerships for projects, sustainability and impact are essential for all service learning programs.
  4. Examine how creating a leadership entry plan can be effective in achieving our goals.

Participants will spend approximately 2 hours online (2 x 1hr synchronous meetings) and two hours of independent study asynchronous and application of learning each day.

Instructor/Facilitator and Feedback:

To receive the Serve Learn Student Leadership certificate of participation all participants need to complete the Serve Learn Academy learning activities. Feedback will be provided on the performance tasks that form the basis of the course summative assessments at the end of the workshop on Day 3.

Required Pre-Workshop Challenge:

LINK to Serve Learn Challenge (create a copy and share with )
Link to Serve Learn Challenge youtube



Pre Leadership Institute Survey


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Access the live interactive discussions for each module


Access the full set of resources for this course


Access and complete the required assignments


Tara Barton

Director at Serve Learn Educational Consultants

Tara Barton developed a passion for service learning on her first visit to South Africa as part of an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Creativity, Activity, Action (CAS) program in 2002. The experience inspired her passion to develop sustainable and meaningful service learning in schools around the world. Tara is the Director of and provides educational consulting, professional development workshops, coaching, and resources to support schools. The Serve Learn curriculum (K-12 units, assessments, lesson plans, and resources) has been adopted by several schools around the world for meaningful service learning in schools for impact.

Tara is the Association of International Schools of Africa (AISA) Service Learning Programme Coordinator for the region. She has presented many workshops around the world for educators, leaders, partners, parents, and students.

Beyond her Bachelor of Education, Tara has a Masters in Educational Leadership (LeHigh, USA) and her Principals Training Certificate (PTC). She is an Understanding by Design (UbD) Trainer and has a Coaching Certification (UW, USA). Tara’s home is Australia, she has worked as an educational thought leader internationally for 18 years, and lived in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and is currently based in Australia.

Andrei Volcov

Serve Learn Consultant 

Andrei became involved and passionate about service learning when he moved to South Africa in 2016. Since then he has participated in different Global Issues Service Summit conferences in South Africa, as a Student Ambassador, and then in Kenya and Tanzania, where he led the American International School of Johannesburg’s delegation.

Andrei was the Head of Service Learning Executive Council and Student Leadership in different international schools during his high school years. Andrei also led Global Advocacy, a service project in which students are raising awareness through different mediums about various topics, ranging from Environment, to People and Animals.

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